Product Concept

Network Gate help bring together your ideas with questions and answers that help our design team create a full service product.

Rich Feature of Online Store

Network Gate eCommerce developers integrate a large scale of features for addressing every requirement of your online store while you focus on business.

Developing a proof of concept

A proposal with everything you need to bring your ideas to business and success.

Maintenance & Optimization

Network Gate perform total overhauling of your PHP application by cleaning up codes to facilitate and improve processing abilities and loads.

Product Design and Engineering

A total lifecycle design and engineering of your product/services even after rollout.

Mobile Platforms

From B2B or B2E apps for enterprises, small businesses, and startups, we have a proven track record of creating high-impact. On all popular platforms with Native, Cross-Platform, and Hybrid Technologies.


Cloud solutions available and it can be overwhelming for Your Business needs!

There are many different cloud solutions available and it can be overwhelming to figure out what exactly your company needs. Network Gate can help you with the complete product development life cycle.
You want to get ahead of all the other medium and small businesses out there but are uncertain how Cloud will help. Network Gate will help you determine which cloud services are best for you.
Start building your web or mobile app by filling out the form below.

IT Consulting

Cloud computing has become an essential part of businesses because it lets you focus on what you do best without the hassles of infrastructure. The cloud brings a high level of automation to tasks which can save businesses time and money.

You pay for as much, or as little as you use whether it be storage, processing or other cloud services. This is the reason why Cloud computing is in high demand as it allows businesses to scale with ease.

The amount of data being generated, the different sets of data needed, and the speed at which it is being created are all issues that new businesses of any size has to deal with in order to service their customers.

The AWS Cloud services address these challenges with highly scalable and available services.

We provide Amazon consulting services to find the best fit for your enterprise solutions, weather it is fast data access, high availability, or security our certified solution architects work with you to get a better understanding of your business and then offer a solution.

IT consultancy is a field that helps business

IT consultancy is a field that helps business by advising how to use information technology to meet their business objectives. Network Gate at convergence services fully understand the need of today’s growing IT requirements hence our solutions are tailor made to suit small and medium sized enterprises taking a more practical and flexible approach.

Network Gate understanding of business processes with profound industry knowledge has benefited to our clients in many ways. Apart from providing advice IT consultancy may often involve implementation, deployment, and administration of IT systems for clients.

Benefits of IT consultancy

  • Saves time, resources and money;
  • Flexibility in choice of services;
  • Result oriented with domain expertise;
  • Temporary help during a one-time project.

Who should go for IT consultancy

Businesses like start-ups, web Services Company, Accountants, Restaurants and Hotels, small and medium sized BPO and KPOs etc.

SaaS Technology

Technology: PHP 5, PHP 6, PHP 7, ASP.Net 4.0
Frameworks: ASP.NET | MVC3, PHP | MVC, Code Igniter, Zend and Cake PHP, Lavarest, Network Gate
Database: PHP | My SQL 2005, ASP.NET | MS SQL 2008 server
Front-end technologies: Javascript, jQuery, Ajax, XHTML, HTML5, Responsive, Twitter Bootstrap
Servers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), GoDaddy, Hostgator, Microsoft Azure and Rackspace, Network Gate
Third Party Integrations as per project requirement – Artificial Intelligence, Chat, Video Conferencing, Weather, Streaming, Newsletter, MLS, Payroll, Sales Tax, Payment Gateway, Digital Signature, Background Check, Contact Grabber and more

SaaS Solutions

SaaS based Solutions for E-Learning portals that focus on the key essence such as superior site load time, enhanced user experience, website uptime, Load balancing, CDN (Content Delivery network), stress testing, live streaming options, speed optimization and on-demand third party implementation.

Custom SaaS development solutions to build dynamic and scalable online marketplaces using latest version and frameworks of PHP or ASP.NET. Major recommendations include escrow systems, referral system integration, intuitive interface, SEO friendly design, robust content management system and more.

Dynamic, SaaS based staffing solutions featuring some of the major custom integrations including custom algorithm setting, stress testing, load testing, taxation module integration, multiple APIs or third parties implementation with brilliant hosting options on cloud servers for scalability.

SaaS Development Form
Consulting UX/UI Design Project Management Mobile Development Web Development Cloud Services Quality Assurance Internet of Things Artificial Intelligence

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Network Gate and ITTuva

Network Gate and ITTuva is a software design and development company that provides end-to-end development service for web and mobile development. We work on a wide range of technologies ranging from open source to proprietary and custom built solutions.

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