Conceptualization & Wireframes

Conceptualization & Wireframes

ITTuva start by defining a clear goal for the app development and then convert the idea and features into wireframe structures for clearer picture.
UI Design & Development

UI Design & Development

ITTuva creative head designs the UI based on the wireframes, then translated into functioning User Interface that is ready to be implanted on app.
Development & Integration

Development & Integration

A server side logic is developed that is used to create the backend of the app. At this stage the app is integrated with third party sites for payments handling.
Network Gate Hospital Management System


Creation of web services for caching of data locally to improve speed of the app, data synchronization so app can be accessed offline and push notification services to engage users.
UAT Testing

UAT Testing

ITTuva and Network Gate test the final app to make sure it can handle required tasks in real-world scenarios, free from any bugs, deliver high performance and provide seamless user.


Network Gate and ITTuva apps are built in compliance with Apple guidelines making it easy for you to enroll in Apple Developer Program and easily submit your app.

Network Gate Hospital Management System

   Network Gate Hospital Management System is an online based SaaS application or cloud server integrated software that simplifies managing the functioning of the hospital or any medication. This Cloud Application can simplify in creating the total functioning paperless. It integrates all the data relating to patients, doctors, staff, hospital body details etc. under one system. It's sectioned for numerous professionals that compose a hospital.

   Network Gate and ITTuva is offering the Hospital Management System (HMS) designed to manage all aspects of hospital operations. This customizable Hospital Documentation System (HDS) is associated with health care which incorporates OPD and IPD Management, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Bed Management, Mobile Application, Appointments system, Secure electronic messaging, Doctor Portal, Patient and Family Portals, Medical Electronic request, Accounting, HR/Payroll. This customizable alert system sends the text or email and improves the standard of patient care.

   Network Gate EMR Systems helps to remember of revenue stream, patient records and alternative key metrics at your finger ends. Electronic health record permits electronic sharing of patient records with alternative suppliers and medical applications and manage the health of patients like Patient and suppliers will see science lab results and history online, firmly chat with suppliers, schedule next appointment etc.

Network Gate HMS Extra Features

   Tracking every single detail is the foremost exciting and soothing step of a hospital management software. Netowrk Gate Hospital Management System tracks the entire journey of each patient from appointment booking to medical emergencies. It virtually carries the burden off hospital employees to travel through multiple files to know patient’s records. It will reserve data including shifts of Doctors, Nurses and each hospital that works in your hospital from permanent workers to locums and temporary employees on your hospital application and portal.
   Rather than simply storing and showing knowledge, associate intelligent Netowrk Gate Hospital Management System can share insights to optimize utilization of hospital workers, occupancy rates, clinical choices and every one the opposite aspects associated with hospitals. It'll solve errors on its own and inform users of their important tasks. The goal is to develop a sophisticated hospital portal which will manage a patient’s journey to the hospital and worker records while not generating a long written account. When you have patient care as your saying, you would like to own the most effective management system that may pay attention to your hospital and follow your hospital’s processes.

How the Network Gate HMS takes care of every operational aspect of a multi-sectoral hospital?

   There have many reasons for on why a hospital needs an entire Hospital Management Project (HMP). The main aim of our project is to take care of functional aspects so that the Medicare Center can concentrate on enhanced patient care. It conjointly aims at providing reliable automation of the prevailing systems. The Network Gate Hospital Management System also provides glorious security of knowledge at each level of user-system interaction and conjointly provides strong & reliable storage and backup facilities.

   To be the desirable and best hospital is not mean a large area you might have & a huge amount of profit you might gain. But the nice administration and management skills of all the staffers, nurses and doctors to realize results, Managing and maintaining up-to-date information on patient care, medications and alternative technological methodology of providing service etc. are measure the quantity one priority for quality scores. And if you have got an automatic system that may pay attention to it'll relieve you to try and do alternative vital tasks.

   As a human being, it’s possible for medical officer & employee to be an erroneous staff. But every single mistake of misplacing of data creates a self-annihilation. Therefore, all medical professionals and hospital directors want to avoid errors. Having put in an automatic management system eliminates the possibility that is vulnerable to errors. It stores all the data regarding the hospital well guaranteeing that your hospital remains error free if you follow processes.

Network Gate HMS Extra Features

   Data violation is a few things that are alarming and detrimental. Hospitals that record information manually usually misplace files and medical records of patients resulting in each confusion and heartburns. An Network Gate HMS can manage all the access points via authentication of users World Health Organization need to utilize the information. It'll additionally verify that user is able to access information on their shift timings guaranteeing that out-of-turn information access is prohibited.
   Accurate information that's accessible once in essential can make sure that clinical selections are measure dotty care and issues when finding out elaborated data. It'll facilitate pharmacists to produce medicines that are prescribed by the doctor and nurses the days that patient must have medications. Moreover, each doctor at clinic and patient receive notifications once a check-up is due.
   A hospital needs a relentless stream of revenue and funding not to ensure solely sustainable growth however additionally improve their infrastructure and care processes. Developing an on-demand custom Network Gate Hospital Management System not only save time and value but also generate reports to boost potency. The most important is that we get all necessary data are on the market with one click. It'll facilitate higher hospital management and respond to best financial management.

Hospital Management System is the most cheapest and easy medical and clinic management system for keeping patient records and Hospital activities.


Powerfull HMS administrative module.

Powerfull administrative module provides you an ultimate system of management. As an administrator, you can create accounts, specify & offer Doctor's, Nurse, Pharmacists, accountant, laboratorian, receptionist, representative, case managers their responsibilities separately. In this system, no one can access to others account but admin can access all accounts

Administrative module make you 100% guaranteed to preserve your data & maintain secrecy of your activities.

Skilled Team

Network Gate have a team of Expert developers with in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies and vast experience.

Product Concept

Adding value to your business through consultation, requirements gathering and strategy.

Complete iOS App Solutions

Network Gate offer Full Cycle Development Services from strategy, to UI, to build and launch.

Result driven iOS Apps

Network Gate build high performing iOS Apps with faster load time, faster UI and uses less device battery.


This software can be in use for

  • Super Speciality Hospital Information Management System (HIMS)
  • Small Hospital & N.Home Management System (HNMS)
  • Blood Bank Management System (BBMS)
  • Diagnostics management System (DIMS)
  • Lab Management System (LIMS)
  • Radiology Management System (RDMS)
  • Pharmacy Management System (PHMS)
  • Clinic Management System (CLMS)
  • Drug Interaction Management System (DRMS)
  • OPD Management System (ODMS)
  • IPD Management System (IDMS)
  • Histopathology Management System (HPMS)
  • Gynaecology & Pediatrics Management System (GPMS)
  • Ophthalmology Management System (OPMS)
  • Dentistry Management System (DTMS)
  • Polyclinic Management System (PLMS)

How and why partnering with Network Gate gets you an extra edge?

Network Gate professionals with an average over five years of experience can get your orientated product by a given deadline.
We become certified partners of globally acclaimed companies like Microsoft or Magento while keeping the focus on the client's project.
All Network Gate employees follow NDA and never sell your project details to any third party, which means that your projects are in the safest hands.
Network Gate flexible hiring models are designed to address your business requirements and budgetary constraints and stay ahead of the curve.

Hospital Management System Main Features

Intangible handling:

Hospital management system works as an intangible hand. If you are an administrator of a hospital, You can manage your whole enterprise from any place in the world.

Ensure the best Medicare:

Imposition Of hospital documentation system in a hospital makes its employee more competent than before. And help to Ensure the best medicare.

Dynamic management:

An automation software can accelerate all of your activities & reporting. Can manage all important document in a certain place & ensure you a dynamic management system.

Hospital Management System Main Features

Centralized controlling:

To implement Top to Bottom chain management in your hospital you should have an automation system like hospital management system.

Accumulative services:

Hospital management project basically is an integrated system of all important services of a hospital. Such OPD & IPD management, Doctors-Nurse management, Lab-OT-Pharmacy-Bed management, Financial management & reporting etc.

Maximization of profit:

An organized management system software ascertain the effective management, minimise the operational cost & maximise profit. A system can satisfy your service recipient & make you ready for future business.

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